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(All Unit of Bansal Medilab Pvt.Ltd)

Bansal Media Services, Howrah has been the diagnostic health care services for 21 years and has been assisting medical professionals by providing reliable reports.

We provide following services :

Special CT Scan with 3D Facility

Ge Helical Work horse configuration providing large volume at good speed Auto Scan, Auto Voice, Archive & Auto Film Capability
3D Reconstruction

Digital X - Ray

500 mA with Fluoroscopy along with CR System providing a Consistent Image Density and Increased Diagnostic Information.

USG & ECHO Colour Doppler

Digital Platform for Diagnostically rich ultrasound images standerd 4 probes configuration for comprehensive whole body examination
Advanced Cardio Vascular Applications
Ultra Sound Guided Interventional Procedures


Advance 24 channels Digital EEG and long term monitoring with polygraph and DC acquisition spike detection and montage reformatting facility Brain map Frequency, spectral and voltage with Left / Right view
Paediatric EEG

Digital OPG

New Generation of panoramic dental X-Ray unit cgild Projection Tempo-mandibular joints visualization of front maxillary sinuses.

TMT, Holter, ABP

State of art eqipments for TMt 12 channel digital holter monitoring pulmonary fuction test. 24 hours ambulatory blood pressure recorder.


Sophisticated and dedicated equipments providing assurance of quality result . Biphasic data transfer ensures human error free reporting


Rheunatology is a sub speciality of internal medicine and paediatrics, devoted to the diagnosis and therapy of conditions and discase sffecting the joints, muscles and bones and also many auto immune diseases.

Peripheral vascular Disease

The incidence of Peripheral vascular Disease is on the rise, with patient having symptoms like:

1 - pain on walking
2 - Varicose veins
3 - Foot Ulcers
4 - Skin Pigmentation

Obesity, Thyroid & Diabetes

Effective guideance and management by team of physician and endocrinologist for all problems related to obesity, thyroid and diabetes.